Home Security Alarm Monitoring Customer Notice!

Home Security alarm service notice about cellular 3G take down. The largest cellular home security alarm system communication take down in history.

Avenger Security System Solutions in Austin

Home Security Monitoring Customer Notice!

Get way more and pay way less for home security alarm monitoring service in Austin, Texas.

Only $29.99 monthly for Full Reporting Cellular Interactive Home Security Alarm Monitoring Service. At Avenger Security we give the respect and appreciation needed to build strong long term customer relationships. You do not need to replace your home security alarm system and we can do the alarm company switch in less than an hour. Avenger Security makes the switch from the big corporate security alarm providers simple and most professional. If you are with another provider, Avenger Security wants to earn your home security alarm monitoring business. Avenger Security is the only FULL SERVICE home security burglar alarm monitoring service provider in Austin, Texas.

Soon the 3G cellular network with the big national dealer programs and providers is going to be phased out. Meaning that your cellular alarm system communicator will not be able to send signals to dispatch the police. The 3G cellular network has been and will be continually taken down. ADT / Protection One / Central Security Group, customers are typically required to renew to another 3 or 5 year agreement to maintain service, crazy high monthly fees, typically between $40 and $50 monthly plus taxes and fees.

Please contact Avenger Security once you are outside your agreement terms and start saving money immediately on your home security alarm monitoring service. Avenger Security can reprogram your existing security alarm system and you can kick your unreasonable company to the curb. Avenger Security will reprogram your alarm system at no cost, must purchase a cellular interactive module, pay first and last months monitoring service and agree to a 90 day notice to cancel services. Avenger Security will give you two Applications and a URL to control your alarm system from anywhere. ARM and DISARM your security alarm system from mobile phone, get text or email notification of any or all events.

Benefit of making the switch to Avenger Security is simple. Avenger Security is a full reporting and recording security alarm provider like no other. ADT / Protection One / Avenger Security Group – CSG, typically program alarm systems to only record alarms, troubles and if you are lucky a monthly test. (ADT / Protection One or Avenger Security Group – CSG) Customers have to have an alarm or a system trouble (or rely on a maybe monthly test signal, if even programmed), to know if security alarm system is working. Avenger Security can reprogram your security alarm system to record and report every all events. Every time you ARM / DISARM security alarm system signals are sent to verify system communication and you know your system is working with general use. Know your system is working way better call and switch to Avenger Security today, 512-610-2698.

Cellular Interactive Home Security Monitoring Service with Avenger Security is $29.99 Monthly.

Thank you for considering Avenger Security, Austin’s local professional home security alarm service provider.

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