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Replacing a DSC home security alarm system?

Step by Step Guide to Replacing Your DSC Home Security System

Replacing a home security alarm system in Austin, Texas.

DSC PowerSeries to DSC PowerSeries neo.

First remove the back up battery and power down the old system. Remove AC Transformer from outlet.

Leave remove main control board from mounting brackets and mount new control board where old control board was located. Typically use the old control box.

Start to transition each wire one by one to the new control board. Recommend to do this in the following order; Siren, Keypad/s, PGM, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, ect. , 

When doing the zones, remove any resistors and replace if required, Recommend to remove resistors and program the resistors "not required" 

Replace all keypads required, old PowerSeries keypads will not work with the neo. Replace system devices if needed or desired.

Replace Transformer, Back Up Battery and then power system back up.

Do system programming at Full English Alpha Keypad. Do not try to program DSC neo system with icon keypad.

Recommend Programming : Silence Troubles, Turn Chime On for Close and Open, use 902 to enroll new modules. Important not to power down the DSC neo system after wireless devices have been enrolled in section 804.

Test System and configure codes.


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