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Cloud Security Systems & Services Quote by Master Integrators. Full Service Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance & GPS Tracking Solutions. Central Security with Avenger Security provides Full Service Cloud Application Programming Interface Security Service Solutions.

Application Programming Interface Cloud Based Security Solutions

Cloud Security Sytems Service Quote

Our team is comprised of Master Integrators that are dual licensed by the state of Texas for private security and commercial fire alarm. One Master Integrator can typically replace several alarm companies. Master Integrators provide the most advanced cloud based application programming solutions for; Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance, GPS Tracking and More. Master Integrators are trained on entire solutions and implementation rather than just part of the process. No salesman is required. Master Integrators are responsible for explaining the solutions as well as providing the installation and/or integration. Master Integrators simplify the transaction for end user. Master Integrators are given a platform to manage clients and service solutions, without third party interference. Clients have direct relationship with their Master Integrator.

Our team like to take over all systems at current location. The Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control & Video Surveillance –

Master Integrators can put all security systems in a cloud based application where your team can manage all locations, users and credentials in one simple interface.


Please reply for confirmation of delivery, appreciate any opportunity

Change Out Access Controllers on ROSSLARE – $500.00/door plus the cost of the controllers – Recommend Brivo POE ACS-300 2 door controllers for replacement at $550.00 each.

Created a Administration login for you to review Brivo access control. Brvio will allow you to add and delete users and/or credentials from a cloud based API – Application Programming Interface and UR. Brivo will allow your team to use access the control system much more efficiently. Further, you will not have to worry about local software to manage and/or update system. Brivo also integrates into the video surveillance system to show & record video clips of access. Brivo is way easier for your team to manage and use. Brivo is used by our team when dual credentials are required. Most access control systems are a pain, Brivo is not. Brivo makes facility control really nice and easy to use. The Quote is for 4 Doors on Brivo, would need two ACS-300 modules at $550.00 each = $1,100.00, with 4 doors configured on existing readers and locks at $500.00 per door = $2,000.00. Brivo is $60.00 monthly for 4 doors.

Demo Login & Credentials
Application is Brivo OnAir
Username 12519 password is Austin*Rocks – please make contract for correct credentials, respectfully submitted

Video of Brivo Interface ——————


Video Surveillance – Change Out NVR, Avenger Security with Central Security only installs cloud based software firmware solutions. Furthermore, our video surveillance solutions are more advanced than the typical hardware solutions. Cloud software firmware can be updated for better analytics & better functionality. Our company supports all devices for as long as you keep service. Video machine comes with lifetime warranty and support.

Would be willing to demo Eagle Eye Networks at no cost, please let me know.

New 4MP POE IP video cameras have microphones come with a 2.8mm to 8mm motorized lens and cost $200.00. New video cameras will included standard installation. Also, do highly recommend License Plate Reader cameras for your entry and exit points of parking lot @ $800.00 per camera. Maybe a PTZ camera set to patrol the side parking lot area,

Eagle Eye Networks is our recommended video surveillance solution. Avenger Security can store video at 720P, 1080 & 4K resolution for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years. Cloud based firmware & software solutions that will outperform clunky NVR and DVR hardware. Cloud bridge video surveillance platform is future designed for higher resolution at the click of a button and data is triple redundant.

To Demo Eagle Eye Networks please go to

And / or Download Application Eagle Eye Viewer.
to login into the demo use username password – bettercloud

Eagle Eye Testimonial ——-


DSC Burglar Alarm System – Would be able to reprogram the DSC PC1832 control. Recommend DSC 4GLTE Enterprise System Enhancement Module @ $180.00

Avenger Security charges $40.00 monthly for Full Service Business Enterprise Certificate Rated Burglar Alarm Monitoring.

Full event alarm and sensor reporting with full interactive Cellular Alarm Monitoring on up to 4 Partitions. The interactive cellular will record report all events and sensor activity of burglar alarm system. Service comes with advanced cloud management application thru for smart phone and custom end user URL. The interactive cellular module connects to system like a keypad and thru the applications and URL you have full control of your system anywhere, anytime. Includes: Arming/Disarming Reports, Commercial Reports, Inactivity Alerts, Open/Close Event Notifications, Remote Arming/Disarm, Sensor Activity Reports, Unexpected Activity Alerts, User Code Management. Central Security recommends on the DSC Neo in commercial . will allow one to add and delete users and/or credentials from a cloud based API, URL and/or phone application, it will allow your team to use access the control system much more efficiently. Further, you will not have to worry about going to the keypad to manage and/or update system users or credentials. will allow your team to manage all users in a simple application.


Fire Alarm System – Would be able to use the system. Avenger Security charges $150.00 to $180.00 monthly for full service commercial fire alarm monitoring services, Includes required testing of devices.

Avenger Security has the most advanced cloud based user managed security alarm system solutions that are available. When triple or dual credentials are required. The Central Security team specializes in government grade dual credential access control. Central Security also specializes in video surveillance, fire alarms and burglar alarm system integration. Additionally, the Central Security team provides full service support to all security systems functions and operations for as long as you keep service.

Cloud Application Programming Interface system solutions will outperform typical hardware solutions. The cloud based security system solutions at Avenger Security are always improving with better cross system integration and analytics. Avenger Security Solutions are designed to fit any size government agency, school, hospital or enterprise organization. The cloud based API has a unlimited potential to connect and manage video, access and alarm systems. Avenger Security is dual licensed for private security and commercial fire in the state of Texas. Avenger Security specializes in burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance integration.

Avenger Security offers the most advanced cloud based user managed application programming interface with custom system integration for burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control and fire alarm systems in Texas. Our cloud based firmware software solutions are designed to automatically configure to any DHCP enabled network, with no set up of port forwarding and/or complicated network configuration. Further, our cloud based security system solutions are future designed for automatic updates, higher resolution and redundant retention.


GPS and Transportation Solutions

Transportation solutions to monitor cargo in route, able to take temperature, humidity, GPS location, at specific intervals, data is reported at specific intervals and stored to a cloud interface where limits can be set on data values individuals concerned about cargo in transit,

To demo the cloud Application Programming Interface please use the following link

password SwiftSensors

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