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DIY Alarm System DSC iotega on Certificate Rated Central Station Emergency Dispatch DIY DSC iotega Security Solution. DIY DSC iotega on order will be built, delivered and ready for you to install.

DIY DSC iotega on in Austin

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DIY Cloud Application Programming Interface Burglar Alarm & Fire Alarm Security Solutions by Avenger Security

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DIY service solution in Austin, Texas includes 1 hour set up and installation by Texas Licensed Private Security and Fire Alarm Master Integrators. DIY service solution typical install is under 30 minutes. 

Avenger Security will configure DSC iotega alarm system to be installed by customer, includes no installation by Avenger Security and 10 year standard warranty on equipment.

Avenger Security will send burglar alarm signals for police and emergency dispatch thru Licensed Five Star Rated Central Station. Avenger Security will also issue certificate of protection with services, it would be best to make annual payments for certificate of service. Includes Full Report Alarms, Troubles, Open/Close and Sensor Activity reporting.

Avenger Security will notify if permit is required for alarm system or services in Austin, Texas. 

Money Back Gurantee – Central Security will be glad will give a Money Back Guranetee on solutions provided. Hardware provided must be returned. Soluitons must be cancelled within 30 days and hardware must be returned. Central Security is only interested in happy customers.

Currently only available on the with DSC iotega configuration. Equipment and emergency service is available nationwide. Do it yourself solution cloud security alarm system solution with automation for home owners. Purchase a New DSC iotega cellular LTE Kit.

Please call 512-610-2698 for questions on service packages. Office can make order and send via email for you to complete. You have questions we have answers. Emergency Dispatch is Off until you call to activate, Instructions included with system.

System purchase requires service, basic monthly service starts at $15.00. Recommended service package is the Advanced interactive at $18 monthly includes automation for lighting, lock and possible camera configuration. Service Package can be changed monthly, Recommends Annual payments on service solutions.

Add additional wireless devices along with DSC iotega, additional items will be configured, programmed and tested. The system will be delivered by Avenger Security. Add this item, Then click to add additional items.

Full event security alarm reporting and sensor activity monitoring with advanced interactive programming interface on Interactive Cellular Alarm Monitoring, Z-Wave Automation and or/control and integration with Nest, Lutron, Lift Master, Local Weather Alerts, Cloud Management and User Control with Most Advanced Home Security Alarm System Monitoring Available in the US. DSC iotega comes with Interactive Cellular 4G LTE.

DIY Security Alarm System Signal Reporting. The cloud based interactive cellular will record report all events and all sensor activity of alarm system. Service comes with application access for smart phone and custom end user URL. The interactive cellular module connects to system like a keypad and thru the cloud applications and URL you have full control of your system anywhere, anytime. is Cloud based user management application programming interface solutions that help protect property and life. makes your life simple and much more efficient.

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DIY cloud based security & fire alarm system solutions.
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