Build DIY System

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For new systems Avenger Security will preconfigure system, activate and test devices prior to delivery.

Avenger Security recommends sensors on all doors and motion detectors in main living area/s. Additional equipment can always be ordered and added after initial installation. 

Interactive Cellular w starting at $20.00 Monthly

Full event alarm reporting and sensor activity monitoring with advanced interactive programming interface with Cellular Alarm Monitoring, Z-Wave Automation and or/control and integration with Nest, Lutron, LiftMaster, Local Weather Alerts, Cloud Management and User Control. is the most advanced home security alarm system monitoring service that is available in the US. The cloud based interactive cellular will record report all events and all sensor activity of alarm system. Service comes with application access for smart phone and custom end user URL. The interactive cellular module connects to system like a keypad and thru the applications and URL you have full control of your system anywhere, anytime. Unexpected Activity Alerts. Example: Garage Door Left Open, Liquor Cabinet Accessed.

Please Review Starter Packages.

Please call 512-610-2698 to have system configured by Avenger Security and delivered to your door.