Partner Integration Program

Our team provides wholesale cloud solutions for burglar alarm, fire alarm, video surveillance, access control, GPS tracking, and many other advanced sensor application programming interface solution services.

One integrator can typically replace several alarm companies. Integrators are dual licensed for private security and fire alarm systems. Burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, GPS tracking and more. Integrators are trained on entire solutions and implementation rather than just part of the process.

Integrators are responsible for explaining the solutions as well as providing the installation and/or integration. Master Integrators simplify the transaction. Integrators are given a platform to manage clients and service solutions, without third party interference. Clients have direct relationship with their Integrator.

Team pays signing bonuses to existing alarm dealers with other Central Stations to join program. Our team would like to partner up with experienced integrators that are looking for a better opportunity.

New Integrators must be licensed by the state or government for trade, if required. Integrators are trained on the most advanced burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control and video surveillance. Integrators are given the ability to choose which solutions they would like to offer clients.

Our team is unlike any other company that is currently available in security systems industry. Wholesale services are provided directly to integrator supporting client/s solutions.

Seasoned Integrators are typically dual licensed by the state for Private Security and Commercial Fire Alarm.

Integrators work independently on projects or with other licensed team Integrators.

Integrators are responsible for making sure security solution/s are working properly for clients.

Unlike most jobs, Integrators are paid on residual basis from the solutions provided to clients. Once a certain number of clients have been acquired, less work is needed to maintain profitability. Master Integrators enjoy the residual benefit of client to maintain security solutions provided.

Integrators are expected to maintain security solutions provided to clients. Integrators are rewarded directly from clients thus it is in the best interest of the integrator to make sure all security solutions provided work and function for as long as possible.

Willpower with teamwork is destined to surpass any objective. Our team wants to help you become the best integrator possible with the most reward for your efforts.