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Avenger Security is a local professional home security alarm service provider. Home security alarm systems in Austin, Texas. No long term agreement or credit check required to establish service.

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Austin’s best choice for home security burglar alarm monitoring and camera service. Austin home security burglar alarm professionals. Avenger Security has over 200 5-Star Reviews on Yelp and is A Rated on Angie’s List. Avenger Security home security alarm service is available in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth.

Avenger Security specializes in using home security alarm systems from other providers at no cost. Avenger Security does not have a long term agreement for home security alarm monitoring service. Avenger Security is Austin’s only FULL SERVICE professional security alarm monitoring service provider.

A 90 DAY NOTICE TO CANCEL IS REQUIRED. First and Last month service is due upon install. Automatic monthly or yearly payment required. Avenger Security provides subscriber a direct service relationship. Avenger Security is a private employee owned and operated security monitoring service provider. Equipment is sold at cost with service agreement, standard materials and installation provided at no cost. Avenger Security is Austin’s only Full Service home security monitoring service provider. Avenger Security operates just opposite of Corporate America, taking the middle man out of subscriber relationship, keeping subscriber in direct relation and ability to assist.

Avenger Security reprograms old non-working home security alarm systems and alarm systems with other service providers at no cost. Avenger Security prides itself on being home security alarm monitoring system programming experts. Avenger Security can reprogram almost any/all security alarm monitoring systems.

New complete hard wire professional home security DSC PC1616 version 4.6 alarm system for $100. Home security kit includes hidden control box and DSC PC1616 alarm control board, hard wire 55lb pet immune motion, DSC RFK5501 keypad, siren, back up battery and transformer. Standard installation and materials are provided by AVENGER SECURITY at no cost with home security burglar alarm monitoring service. Standard alarm system has 6 hard wire zones and up to 32 wireless zones. AVENGER SECURITY only installs professional hard wire hidden home security alarm panels. Professional home security burglar alarm system installed by a name you can trust, AVENGER SECURITY, home security burglar alarm monitoring and more. This system can communicate thru you home phone line for $19.99 monthly.

Phone Line $19.99 Monthly or $220.00-Yearly
Avenger Security will use phone line to send burglar alarm signals for police and emergency dispatch. Includes Full Report Alarms and Troubles. Customer must have phone service at burglar alarm monitoring location. VOIP phone service is not recommended to be used by Avenger Security, manufacture or Central Station for alarm transmissions.

Interactive Cellular $29.99-Monthly or $330.00-Yearly
Full event alarm reporting with full interactive Cellular Alarm Monitoring. Avenger Security will install a Fully Interactive Cellular, Cost $100.00. The interactive cellular will record and report all events of alarm system. Service comes with 2 applications for smart phone and custom end user URL. The interactive cellular module connects to system like a keypad and thru the applications and URL you have full control of your system anywhere, anytime.

*Requires Cellular Module Purchase $100.00

Most home security burglar alarm companies program alarm systems to report alarms and troubles only. Avenger Security using the dedicated interactive cellular module, will report and record all events of the alarm system. Avenger Security will give access to all events and allow user to configure notice for any or all events via email or text. The interactive cellular module, can be configured and programmed by Avenger Security to work with Honeywell, Vista Series, DSC Power Series and or GE Networks hard wire controls. Our cellular interactive module simulates your system keypad and makes your system keypad available in application and/or URL.

The information you obtain here is not, nor is it intended to be, advice. You should always consult with Avenger Security on site for advice regarding your individual situation. Avenger Security invites you to make contact and welcomes your call, letters and electronic mail. Contacting Avenger Security does not create a relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time relationship has been established.


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