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Central Security with Avenger Security provides Full Service burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and GPS tracking services in Texas. Central Security can reprogram security systems with other providers at no cost. Central Security does not charge for standard service calls or basic replacement parts.

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Central Security is expected to be the most reasonable security alarm, fire alarm, access control and video surveillance company for Texas. Central Security provides FULL SERVICE certificate rated burglar alarm monitoring, fire alarm, access control and video surveillance in Texas.

Avenger Security is looking for new partners in different cities throughout the United States. The Central Security partner program is very unique and best way for professional integrators and begining integrators get access with support to resell the best cloud based user managed solutions. The Central Security / Avenger Security with Master Integrators employee partnership program offers a profit sharring oportunity unlike other security system company. Central Security resells; 24 Hour AHJ Emergency Dispatch, Alarm.com, Alula Security, Brivo, Eagle Eye Networks and Swift Sensors. Further, Central Security team gives demos and hands on training, free website in city w/ SEO support, ONSITE sales & installation support. Always looking for new team partners and team integrators!

Professional burglar alarm, fire alarm, video surveillance and access control service without the standard 3 year contract and/or credit check. No upfront cost for standard installation. No charge for site visit or quotes. No charge for standard service calls or basic replacement parts. If you need security alarm system, access control or video surveillance look no further.

Phone: 512-610-2698

E-Mail: info@getsecurityalarm.com
Web: www.getsecurityalarm.com

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Full Service Local Security Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control and Video Surveillance.

Central Security accepts all major Credit Cards; Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express.

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Central Security has several offices within Texas with a location in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth. Central Security will visit location at no cost. Central Security has the most flexible range of security alarm monitoring services; including cellular interactive via application smart phone and/or URL. Central Security has endless options and add on modules for security alarm systems, video surveillance and access control. Central Security offers security alarm monitoring services in Austin with no long term agreements or contracts.

Central Security can program and configure its interactive security monitoring services to work on hardwire professional series Ademco / Honeywell Vista, DSC or GE NetworX panels.

If you currently have alarm service with another provider, Central Security can use your current alarm system. Central Security has hardwire professional security alarm programming experts that know all security alarm system tricks and make change of security alarm service quick and painless. Central Security can reprogram and inspect your current alarm system to work with security alarm services offered, typically in less than 1 hour.

Austin security burglar alarm monitoring service without the 3 year contract and/or credit check. No upfront cost for security standard installation or materials. No charge for site visit or quote. No charge for standard service calls or basic replacement parts. If you need Austin security burglar alarm system and security monitoring service look no further. Central Security makes the process of getting security burglar alarm monitoring service simple and professional.

Central Security Austin wants to get you protected with a security alarm system and provide professional installation at the most reasonable price. Central Security prides itself on making the process of getting security alarm monitoring service in Austin simple. Standard installation and materials for security burglar alarm system are provided at no cost.

The private security alarm industry is Licensed and Regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Any security burglar alarm company or person selling, soliciting or installing home security alarm monitoring service or security alarm system equipment must carry issued identification from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Laws regulating the security burglar alarm systems industry originally passed by Texas Legislature in 1969. To offer or provide security burglar alarm systems and/or monitoring service requires a license, doing so without a license carries criminal penalties; Up to a year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine. Hiring or employing an unlicensed security burglar alarm system company also carries this penalty.

After purchase of security burglar alarm monitoring service in Austin, please make notice to local municipality for proper registration if such registration is required by municipality. If police or responding authority requires alarm permit for home security monitoring service, notice will be given at installation. Full Service Austin Security Burglar Alarm System, Security Monitoring by Central Security

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