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Restaurant Temperature Monitoring Service

Restaurants lose up to 5% of food to spoilage. Constantly monitor and set notifications in any part of the restaurant where food can be spoiled!

Have your employees focus on delivering quality food and service. Swift Sensors systems ensures all critical measurements are monitored and notifications sent to managers when needed.

Ensure compliance with food safety requirements and local health departments with continuous monitoring and easy to produce reports of all food temperatures.

In a large majority of restaurants, the primary food safety issue was the temperature inside the walk-in coolers exceeding 45 degrees for several hours each day. Sometimes these lengthy temperature spikes were during the day, and sometimes they were after hours.

The problem was present in a wide variety of restaurants from small single-unit QSRs to leading franchise chains to high-end restaurant establishments. The results were the same.  They each had walk-in temperature issues.

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Swift Sensors is the best solution for your managing end user data and getting notification.

According to the FDA Food Code, perishable foods must be stored at 41°F or below. Most restaurants inspected failed to consistently meet this requirement. For lack of a more efficient solution, many restaurants require kitchen staff to manually monitor the walk-in cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, this manual method is highly unpredictable because the staff do not perform this routine task responsibly—and even worse, management will not know if the manual monitoring is not performed. Today, an automated, dependable, and low-cost solution exists to monitor walk-in coolers.  By using new Internet of Things (IoT) technology, restaurant owners can remotely and proactively monitor walk-in coolers with confidence and accuracy.

Restaurant owners can now install small battery powered, wireless sensors about the size of a matchbox in their walk-ins and other areas of interest. These sensors check and record the temperature every 30 seconds and transmit the temperature data to the cloud where it can be reviewed, inspected and used for compliance reporting. More importantly, if a temperature rises too high (or falls too low), restaurant teams are notified immediately via SMS text, email, or phone call. Action can be taken immediately and food safety maintained.  The ROI on a monitoring system is typically less than 6 months.  After the system is deployed the quality of the operation is improved, valuable employees focus on the customer experience, and protection against food spoilage and losses are active 24/7.

Data Service by Swift Sensors – What is it?

Swift Sensors is a crazy data collection service by Central Security. With services Central Security can collect Temperature, Humidity, Water Presence, Normally Open Circuit, Normally Closed Circuit, Motion, Button Activity, Tilt Sensor, AC or DC Current, AC/DC Volt Reading , Current Resistance, Ph/EC data, active radiation from any location and report data to centralized management solution, where users can set thresholds and notifications to profiles, very complex / conditional alerting, role based access control, user management, ability to pull time-based reports for documentation and visual inspection of accurate efficient operations. The data is collected on a self healing bridge network and stored in the cloud. This service should be implemented in every restaurant and or food storage facility worldwide.

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