Avenger Security provides Full Service commercial and residential fire alarm systems with certificate rated service in the state of Texas. Avenger Security wants to help protect your property from fire loss. Professional fire protection systems by Avenger Security.


Licensed Texas Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring Services.

Austin Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring Services Require Onsite Quote.

Avenger Security provides commercial and residential fire alarm systems with monitoring services. Avenger Security helps buildings meet local fire code. Avenger Security can reprogram fire alarm systems from other providers at no cost. If you need to get fire alarm system and or monitoring please call Avenger Security in Austin. Avenger Security wants to help keep and meet local fire alarm system code. Avenger Security wants to protect property with monitored fire alarm systems with certificate rated emergency dispatch. Please contact Avenger Security to have fire alarm system monitoring services set up at your facility. Monthly service fee depends on number of devices and the agreed to support on provided devices connected to alarm panel.

Avenger Security Services is Austin’s only Full Service Fire Alarm service solutions company. Avenger Security Services does not charge for quotes, standard service calls and/or basic replacement parts. Annual testing of fire alarm equipment points is included in monthly price. Replacement Batteries are included in monthly service cost. Full Service includes 50 detector and pull station points. Non related service costs are charged by the hour, billed in 30 min increments. Standard hourly rate is $50.00 per hour.

Five Diamond Rated Security Alarm Monitoring by Central Security

One Master Integrator can replace several alarm companies. Master Integrators are dual licensed for private security and fire alarm systems. Burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, GPS tracking and more. Integrators are trained on entire solutions and implementation rather than just part of the process. No salesman is required. Master Integrators are responsible for explaining the solutions as well as providing the installation and/or integration. Master Integrators simplify the transaction for end user. Master Integrators are given a platform to manage clients and service solutions, without third party interference. Clients have direct relationship with their Master Integrator.

Most home security burglar alarm companies program alarm systems to report alarms and troubles only. Central Security using the dedicated interactive cellular module, will report and record all events of the alarm system. Central Security will give access to all events and allow user to configure notice for any or all events via email or text. The interactive cellular module, can be configured and programmed by Central Security to work with Honeywell, Vista Series, DSC Power Series and or GE Networks hardwire controls. Our cellular interactive module simulates your system keypad and makes your system keypad available in application and/or URL.

A 90 DAY NOTICE TO CANCEL IS REQUIRED. First and Last month service is due upon install. Automatic monthly or yearly payment required. Central Security provides subscriber a direct service relationship. Central Security is a private employee owned and operated security monitoring service provider. Equipment is sold at cost with service agreement, standard materials and installation provided at no cost. Central Security is Austin’s only Full Service security monitoring service provider. Central Security operates just opposite of Corporate America, taking the middle man out of subscriber relationship, keeping subscriber in direct relation and ability to assist.

New Complete basic home security alarm system DSC Power Series PC1616 version 4.6 with ownership is $100.00. Central Security has been in the home security burglar alarm monitoring business since 2004. Central Security has hundreds of complete used burglar alarm systems that it will provide to its customers at no cost with warranty, please call for details.

Standard security alarm monitoring materials and installation done at no additional cost with service agreement. Central Security will give customer ONE full day of labor at no cost. One full day to complete the standard installation of complete security alarm monitoring system. One day will include up to 5 to 7 hours of labor depending on the labor intensity and will typically cover all homes under 3,500 square feet. (Exceptions will apply to extent of work and materials needed on job. Customer must sign service agreement.)

Central Security offers most reasonable security monitoring deal in Texas. Central Security sells Central Station Alarm Association certificate rated security alarm monitoring service to residential and commercial subscribers in Texas. Central Security reprograms old non-working security alarm systems and alarm systems with other service providers at no cost. Central Security prides itself on being security alarm monitoring system programming experts. Central Security can reprogram almost any/all security alarm monitoring systems.

Central Security provides Full Service Certificate Issued and Rated Security Alarm Monitoring Service to subscribers in Texas.

The interactive cellular module saves a customer money by being the primary communicator but also brings features not offered by most products on the market today. These features bring alarm system interaction to user from any internet capable device including mobile devices. Since the interactive cellular module is a third-party product it was designed with ease of installation in mind. Offering both wired and wireless versions, a solution can be found.

Primary Communicator – The interactive cellular module ideally suited as primary communicator replacing outdated phone line communication or expensive GSM cell communication. All signals are transmitted to a secure co-location where emergency signals immediately get relayed while non-emergency signals are logged and sent to the customer depending on the settings in their personal profile. In many ways, the IP DataTel internet communication method is faster, more reliable and provides more detailed information on alarm than competitive communicators.

System Interaction – Whether you are lying in bed or across the world you gain total system control and reporting with the interactive cellular module. By using any internet capable computer, including mobile devices, the customer can check the current status of the system, change the status by arming or disarming the system and view a log of all events that have taken place during a specified time frame. Imagine the peace of mind when at work you are notified that loved ones made it home on time and that they have re-armed the system or being able to disarm the system for a neighbor to drop off a package then re-arm knowing, for sure, that your home is secure. Immediately get notified via text, email, phone call or any combination of the three the instant an event occurs on the system. Notifications can be sent to any mobile device while system interaction is available to users with iPhone and Android devices and by using the virtual keypad thru website.

Interactive Cellular provides a wide-range of custom consumer programmable signal control, including connectivity through smart phones or wireless browser based devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone/device or any Internet connected computer.

The interactive cellular module makes the ordinary become extraordinary. Automate redundant everyday activities allowing them to operate in the background for the consumer. By bridging the ordinary devices with our budget conscious, extraordinary technology, ipDatatel will save you time and money.


Cell Back Up Monitoring is a popular option for additional protection with alarm system. The Cell Back Up unit sends signals over cellular network. The cell back up unit has battery back up to prevent loss of power. in event of home having power failure or the phone and/or internet not working; The Cell Back Up will send signals to Central Station over and via cellular network.

Additional Home Security Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service Options
* End user alarm online account
* Automatic alarm email notification
* Open/Close Report
* Scheduled Open/Close Supervised
* Supervised Daily, Weekly or MonthlyTest
* Two-Way Voice
* Personal Emergency Response Monitoring
* Elderly Care Monitoring
* Critical Condition Monitoring
* Cellular Back-Up with Daily, Weekly or MonthlyTest
* Business transaction and process counting Monitoring
* Internet Protocol Monitoring

BASIC SYSTEM for $100 – 6 Zone Control DSC PC1616 panel
Keypad w/ Police/Fire/Medical panics
Interior Motion with 30 foot range
Back Up Battery, Transformer, Siren
PowerSeries 6-16 Zone Control Panel PC1616

The information you obtain at this website is not, nor is it intended to be, advice. You should always consult with Central Security on site for advice regarding your individual situation. Central Security invites you to make contact and welcomes your call, letters and electronic mail. Contacting Central Security does not create a relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time relationship has been established.

Prewired homes with or without security alarm system. Central Security will add each device of BASIC SYSTEM or replace to function. Window and door switches will be added or replaced to function with control panel. Switches and magnets sold separately.

Security alarm system and monitoring service with other service provider. No Problem, Central Security will send tech to reprogram security system to work with Central Security monitoring Top Rated central station.

If you have current security monitoring service; Please, review service contract with other provider and give or make notice of cancellation. If you do not want your service to be interrupted then you must set appointment with Central Security in advance. Central Security is privately owned and operated. Central Security reserves the right to decline any customer from security alarm monitoring service. Central Security will strive to meet all customer expectations but will decline any customer that is unreasonable in business dealings.

A 90 DAY NOTICE TO CANCEL IS REQUIRED. First and last month due upon install. Automatic monthly or yearly payment required.

Please Note, not all doors and windows of every home are able to be wired. Homes with no or very little attic space above doors or windows are most likely not possible to hardwire. As a general rule, doors that have glass above them and doors on two story homes are not able to be hardwired. Wireless equipment can be added to any security alarm system and will be recommended at last resort.

Central Security uses highly skilled and tooled professionals, if a wire can be run Central Security will run it.

Please call to set up on site visit at no cost. Central Security is locally independently owned and operated. Dealings are private and independent. Central Security strives to be the best in security monitoring service industry. Austin Texas based Home Security Burglar Alarm System and Security Monitoring Solutions.

All costs for purchased security system equipment and service will be taxed by Texas State Comptroller. Any and all questions are welcome. Central Security values its security monitoring service customers and will work with any customer to earn their business.

Please don’t make the mistake of signing a three year agreement and/or paying more than needed to protect your home or business.

Private Independent Local Austin Home Security Monitoring Solutions.

Central Security Austin offers the best security alarm system and security alarm monitoring deal you’ll find. Central Security installs only premium security alarm equipment and products. Central Security has the most flexible range of security alarm monitoring services, including cellular alarm monitoring, two-way voice alarm monitoring, IP-module alarm monitoring, interactive application smart phone, and much more.

If you security alarm monitoring service with other provider in Austin or have current security alarm monitoring system in home, working or not, Central Security can use existing alarm system equipment with services offered.

Central Security prides itself on being the most knowledgeable small business and home security alarm system monitoring and programming company in Austin.//Central Security has and will beat any competitor’s price with our lowest price guarantee on home security alarm monitoring service. Central Security makes the process of getting home security burglar alarm monitoring service simple and professional.

Our goal at Central Security in Austin is to get you protected with a monitored security alarm system and professional installation at a price the competition can’t touch. Central Security prides itself on making the process of getting Austin home security alarm monitoring service simple and most affordable. Central Security gives you a person you can call and knows exactly what is going on when it comes to protecting your home or small business.

Central Security in Austin can get just about any brand of home security burglar alarm system on the market. Central Security can hack or reprogram your existing system to work with security alarm monitoring service.

The private security industry is Licensed and Regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Any home security alarm company or person selling, soliciting or installing home security alarm monitoring service or home security burglar alarm system equipment must carry issued identification from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Laws regulating the home security burglar alarm systems industry originally passed by Texas Legislature in 1969. To offer or provide home security burglar alarm systems and/or monitoring service requires a license, doing so without a license carries criminal penalties; Up to a year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine. Hiring or employing an unlicensed burglar alarm system company also carries this penalty.

After purchase of Austin security burglar alarm monitoring service, please make notice to local municipality for proper registration if such registration is required by municipality. If responding authority requires permit for security alarm monitoring service, notice will be given.

Central Security sells equipment to customer at distribution cost. Standard installation and materials are provided to customer at no cost with service agreement. Customer pays first and last month upfront. All fees are taxed by Comptroller.

Need commercial burglar alarm system?


ew complete hardwire professional home security alarm system DSC PC1616 version 4.6 for $100. DSC security alarm kit includes, everything needed, control box and DSC PC1616 alarm control board, hardwire 55lb pet immune motion, DSC RFK5501 keypad, siren, back up battery and transformer. Standard installation and materials are provided by CENTRAL SECURITY at no cost with home security burglar alarm monitoring service. Standard alarm system has 6 hardwire zones and up to 32 wireless zones. CENTRAL SECURITY only installs professional hardwire hidden home security alarm panels. Professional home security burglar alarm system installed by a name you can trust, CENTRAL SECURITY, home security burglar alarm monitoring and more.

  • Wireless DSC Vanishing Window or Door Sensor $20
  • Wireless Pet Immune Motion $45
  • Additional DSC Hardwire Pet Immune Motion $20
  • Additional DSC Hardwire Keypad $45
  • DSC PK5507 Touch Screen Keypad $170
  • Interactive Cellular Module $100, required for Aplication

It is best to have Central Security quote job on site. The prices on this website are higher than they will be on quote. Please contact Central Security today and set up no cost site visit for quote on getting home security monitoring service. Central Security knows how to reprogram Honeywell / Vista, ADT, GE, NAPCO,, 2GIG, Omni, Safewatch Pro, Concord professional security alarm panels.