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DSC Power Series Neo 128 Zone security alarm system


248 Zone DSC Power Series Pro Security Alarm System in Austin. The DSC Power Series neo alarm system was a game changer for the private security alarm service solutions industry. The new 248 zone DSC Power Series Pro  is going to revolutionize the security alarm solutions industry. AVENGER SECURITY can ... Read More
01/15/2020Security Alarm


Opportunity - The RMR business opportunity for independent integrators to thrive. Master Integrators resells the most advanced cloud based application programing interface security solutions to licensed agents. Master Integrators will help agents go to market with solutions offered. Master Integrators sells wholesale certificate rated Central Station services. Teamwork - Master Integrators ... Read More
01/07/2020Security Alarm
Austin Application Programming Interface Cloud Based Security Solutions


Security Solutions Partnership Master Integrators specialize in solutions for burglar alarm, fire alarm, cloud based access control, cloud video surveillance, GPS tracking and much more. Unlike most jobs, Master Integrators are paid on residual basis from the solutions provided to clients. Once a certain number of clients have been acquired, less work ... Read More
01/05/2020Security Alarm
Avenger Security System Solutions in Austin


AT&T and VERIZON Announces Tear Down of 3G Network AT&T and VERIZON is one of the largest telecom companies operating worldwide.  AT&T and VERIZON, the telecom giant, recently announced plans to completely phase out 3G networks by 2020 while they attempt to transition customers to 4G and ultimately 5G networks. About 3 million ... Read More
12/27/2019Security Alarm