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Risks with Malware on IP Video Surveillance Devices

Risk on getting video surveillance cameras from questionable origin.

Hacking a locally stored video surveillance machines and network video surveillance cameras is often easy. Some video surveillance cameras, DVR and NVR machines come from the manufacturer with spyware, Trojans and or viruses already installed. Further, most networks will allow outbound connections from any device on the local area network. Files from computers on local network, video images and passwords can easily be transferred to hackers by infected cameras. Hackers can obtain confidential and personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personal identification information. Hackers are also interested in gathering company related information such as a client database, client information, financial statements and proprietary data. Network video surveillance cameras, DVRs and NVR’s are an ideal target for hackers because they are simple to exploit. Hackers use bots ran by botnets to preform automated tasks within infected network cameras, network DVR’s and NVR machines.

Hackers have and can encrypt sensitive company information and halt operations to demand money for unencrypting.

Most video surveillance cameras come from foreign countries and are manufactured by companies with unknown political and governmental affiliations. Many cameras are manufactured by one company, then labeled and sold by several different companies, making it difficult to determine if the cameras have been modified or the original manufacturer and country of origin. Further, manufactures of video surveillance cameras often times or accidentally included backdoor access and often published factory default camera passwords are not changed when cameras are installed. In addition most installers configure passwords that are easy to guess, leaving video surveillance cameras wide open to hackers.

Eagle Eye Networks is the recommended cloud video surveillance solution. Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance service solution will always continue to improve. Eagle Eye Networks is a software / firmware solution that can be updated / upgraded for future technology, better analytics and higher retention formats. Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance is encrypted, reliable and very secure. The cameras are encrypted behind the video machine, not available thru the local area network.

Currently recommend turret style 4MP turret style 2.8mm cameras with microphone. Cameras also available with motorized lens adjustments are 2.8mm to 8mm and 2.8mm to 12mm. The lenses on cameras can be adjusted remotely thru the Eagle Eye Networks application. Cloud Video Surveillance Storage depends on resolutions and retention, each camera can be independently configured for retention and resolution. The cloud video surveillance retention can be adjusted after install thru Eagle Eye Viewer application.

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