Home Security Monitoring Service

Home security monitoring service starting at $19.99 monthly. No long-term agreement or credit check required for home security services offered. Simple, affordable, reliable home security protection by Avenger Security for Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

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Need a new system

Avenger Security has all the options for a new home security system. It is best to have Avenger Security quote home security services on site. Please contact Avenger Security today and set up no cost site visit for quote.

Already have a Home Security system

Avenger Security would be able to reprogram your existing home security alarm system. Avenger Security can make your old home security system fully functional thru a smart application. Avenger Security specializes in reprogramming existing alarm systems to work with interactive home security monitoring services offered. Avenger Security knows how to reprogram home security systsems by DSC, Honeywell / Vista / Ademco, Bosch, ADT, GE, NAPCO, Alarm.com, 2GIG, OmniPro, Safewatch, Qolsys IQ2, Concord and many more.

Keep it Simple

When getting home security keep it simple. Avenger Security recommends at minimum to connect all doors and also have interior motion movement detection protection. For additonal protection, you can connect all windows. Avenger Security can connect fire devices for fire emergency response to home security system with services offered at no additional monthly fee. 

Control From Anywhere

ARM & DISARM your home security system from any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer remotely. The interactive cellular module connects to your home security system like a full functioning keypad through the application. You have full control of your home security system anywhere, anytime. Includes text and/or email alerts for any or all events on your home security system.

Certificate Rated Central Station

Avenger Security makes sure you have the best Emergency Dispatch for your home security system, services to operate 24/7, and swift and accurate response to a wide range of emergency calls. The Certified Five Diamond, Top Rated, Central Station will dispatch authorities that have jurisdiction to your home in the event of alarm.

What Our Customers Say


Lawrence V. - Yelp Houston, TX

Avenger Security has provided nothing but excellent service. The prices are very fair, and the best thing was NO CONTRACTS. I met the owner, Jay and he explained exactly what I needed, and what I really didn’t need. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants good service along with honesty from these guys. There are not to many businesses left out there, that actually care for their customers


Gene B. - Yelp Austin, TX

Been with Central for 11 months now. They have been great. They had the best price. We had the option of paying for our equipment up front or signing a contract to spread the cost of the equipment out over 1,2, or 3 years. We chose to pay up front and have monthly monitoring with no contract. 
We had an issue with the display on our keypad, the display died. They came out and replaced no questions asked, no hassles


Susan T. - Yelp Round Rock, TX

Brandon was here on time, replaced our battery and was out in a jiff. I’m still very happy with their monitoring service, which calls EVERY TIME after an alarm goes off. When I was with Brinks, I paid out the nose for their system and they didn’t call half the time an alarm was accidentally tripped. I’m also happy not having to be locked into a 3-year contract! I just can’t say enough good about these people, very impressed as always, and very grateful to have an honest company for my security needs.


Jay B S. - Yelp Austin, TX

Brandon is top notch. He’s not super pushy like ADT was when we asked them to come give us an estimate. He only charged us for the price of the equipment, which was really nice and saved us a lot of money compared to the other quotes we got from other companies. I’d definitely recommend getting these guys as your security system provider. ADT sucks.


Rick A. - Yelp Austin, TX

Great job with the install. Fast, friendly, helpful and patient. We had a problem after the initial install (old wiring that hadn’t been used in 10+ years). They came back out the next day and repaired and walked us through a bypass over the phone until they could get there the next day


James W. - Yelp Cedar Park, TX

Seriously, call ADT, Brinks or any of the other big alarm companies . . . and then call Central Security. Instead of being pushed into a 3-yr contact, upsells on equipment and general scare tactics, you’ll experience the exact opposite with Avenger Security.

ADT SafewatchPro

ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 home security reprogram Alula Bat 4G 5G

Jan 12, 2024 Brandon Adams

ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 home security system reprogram with the Alula Bat 4G 5G cellular interactive.

New-or-Used Avenger Security

New or Used Home Security System

Dec 30, 2023 Brandon Adams

Use-Any-System Avenger Security

Use Any Security System

Dec 29, 2023 Brandon Adams

We can typcially use the security alarm system you already have.

Home-Security-System-Information Avenger Security

Home Security System w Monitoring Service Starting at $19.99 Monthly

Dec 29, 2023 Brandon Adams

Home security monitoring service starting at $19.99 monthly.


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Burglar alarm Monitoring

Avenger Security provides certificate rated UL listed emergency response to your home or business location. security alarm systems with security monitoring service in Austin, Texas. Security alarm system emergency response monitoring service starts at $19.99 Monthly. Avenger Security can use systems from other security monitoring service companies.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Supervised commercial fire alarm service include certificate top rated UL listed Central Station with dispatch thru your local Fire Department. Avenger Security protects property from fire loss. Professional fire protection systems by Avenger Security. Free dual path Napco fire alarm communicator with services offered by Avenger Security

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Managed Access Control

 Access control enables organizations to manage, control and account for who is authorized to access facility. Brivo can be managed from anywhere and can be customized to facilities in ways that other access control systems can not. Custom professional managed cloud access control by Avenger Security. The most user freindly access control system and service  on this planet.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is next generation professional cloud video surveillance security camera service in Austin, Texas. Avenger Security provides professional cloud video surveillance camera services that outperform DVR and NVR camera equipment applications. Professional cloud video surveillance service that has the critical storage redundancies that are needed.

Home Security System Kits

Home security alarm system kits includes everything that is needed to start protecting your home. This includes Keypad, Alarm System Controller, Metal Enclosure Box, AC Transformer, Back Up Battery with standard basic installation and materials.

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