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Avenger Security provides full service access control in Austin, Texas. Brivo is next generation cloud based building access control service for your facility.

Brivo can be managed from anywhere and can be customized to fit facilities in ways that other access control systems can not. Custom FULL SERVICE professional cloud access control by Avenger Security.

It is best to have our team review your facility to see what lock hardware is going to be required. Please make contact with our office to set appointment to have facility reviewed.

Readers are connected to the control panel with 22/6. Readers will turn green when proper credentials have been presented and the door is unlocked. Not all doors need readers to gain access. All doors can be opened by authorized individuals and users thru Brivo application interface with mobile credentials.

Avenger Security recommends at least one door have dual credentials, side or back. This will allow building admin and management to have 6 to 8 digit codes to gain entry to facility if credentials are lost or forgotten.

Credentials are also known as badges, cards, tags, phones, pin #'s.

Control Panel typically recommend the BRIVO Onair ACS300 2 Door POE Access Controller

Avenger Security does recommend Altronix Power Supplies for configuration. Altronix power supplies can provide selectable 12 Volt or 24 Volt Outputs with or without battery back up.

Protecting your employees without a lock down is important for their personal security while giving them the flexibility to enter facilities freely. Securing your facility with cloud access control will prevent unauthorized trespassers and potential loss of valuable assets. Safeguarding employee/s, file/s, client information and company data can help you defend against costly information breaches.

The days of keys for building access are over. Further, trying to manage your facility with key/s is a pain. Lock and unlock your entire facility based on schedule or business hours. Make sure areas of your facility are only accessed by people with proper credentials in a simple to use cloud based access control application programming interface. Track and account for employees and visitors as they enter your facility all hours of the day.

Avenger Security will provide full service turnkey solution for cloud access control service and configuration on door/s with one or two factor credentials. Avenger Security can re use strikes, mag locks, readers, modules and credentials from older access control systems. All buildings require a onsite quote for cloud access control services by Avenger Security.

Avenger Security provides custom integration of cloud access control with cloud video surveillance, burglar alarm and fire system. Our team specializes in integration and will make the following recommendation for integration. The cloud access control system should be integrated with video camera on door to record the video clip of access control user entry in the activity log. Brivo OnAir integrates backwards and forwards with Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance to provide digital button inside video interface to release lock on facility. This will allow facilities to view live video feed on door and release lock from a remote location. Further, Avenger Security will recommend valid credentials presented on reader of access control systems, disarm the building security alarm system. Avenger Security can provide UL Listed emergency dispatch to facility in event of door prop and/or forced entry.

Brivo is highly recommended by Avenger Security as a go to cloud access control solution.

Brvio will allow to add and delete users and/or credentials from a cloud based API, Application Programming Interface, URL and/or phone application. Brivo cloud access control will allow your team to managed users more efficiently. Further, you will not have to worry about local software to manage and/or update access control system credentials or users. Brivo integrates into the video surveillance system to show & record video clips in history of the access control activity log. Brivo is way easier for your team to manage and use than any other access control platform. Brivo is used by Master Integrators when dual credentials are required. New cloud access control door configurations require onsite facility quote.

Avenger Security can reuse existing locks, readers, credentials, buttons, door sensors, request to exit sensors and power supplies from legacy access control systems. Avenger Security only configures Brivo cloud access control to systems with services offered. Please contact with our team for onsite evaluation.

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Access Control is a vital aspect of modern day security, offering advanced levels of security by managing who can access your premises. It is a technology that helps in the control of physical and virtual access.

There are different types of access control systems available in the market; these include discretionary access control, mandatory access control, and role-based access control. Each type has unique features and offers varied levels of security.

The benefits of using Access Control are immense. From preventing unauthorized access to a property to recording entry and exit data, the benefits range from basic security needs to complex organizational control. Discover how Access Control system can pave the way for top-notch security in today's digital age.