Austin Alarm System Permit

Austin Alarm System Permit

If the Austin police department responds to your alarm system, permit is required. In the event Austin police respond to alarm system that is being monitored or not monitored a permit is required. To operate an alarm system in Austin, Texas requires permit.


The form for permit is the same for a house and/or a business location. The permit fee for a home alarm system is $50.00. The pemit fee for a business alarm system is $110.00.


Home Security Alarm System Permit


Business Security Alarm System Permit


When getting home security it is important to test your system prior to activating emergency dispatch. Avenger Security will recommend to arm alarm system, lock all doors|windows, and leave. After the alarm system is armed, walk around the home or business pushing and pulling on doors|windows  verifiy that shifting doors and windows does not cause the alarm system to alarm.