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Home Security Monitoring

Why Home Security Monitoring is a Must?

When getting a home security alarm system and emergency monitoring service our team will recommend to connect all doors and add interior motion detection as a minimum.

Avenger Security can use security systems from other providers at no cost. Home security monitoring rates start at $19.99 monthly. Cellular interactive alarm monitoring service starts at $29.99 monthly.

It is always best to quote home security service onsite.

Avenger Security does not have long term agreement to obtain home security monitoring, a 90 day notice to cancel is required.

Large accessible windows that open should be added.

The Overhead Garage is also commonly added to home security systems.

Smoke & Heat detectors can be added for monitored fire protection with emergency response. Fire devices should be replaced every 10 years.

Typically the newer homes are prewired for a professional hardwire home security system/s.

Pet immune motion detection are optional. Pet immunity range is from typically from 45 to 75 pounds. Pet immune motion detectors do not work in home with multiple pets free roam. It is pet immune, not pets immune.

In the event your home security monitoring system goes into alarm. Please try to turn off system immediately by entering code at keypad. The alarm system must be in alarm for programmed dial delay prior to sending request for emergency.

Prior to calling police our team will try to make contact individuals listed on your Call List. Recommend individuals of age be on Call List. The only way to stop police dispatch is with verbal abort code.

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