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3G Cellular Home Security Communicators Need To Be Replaced Soon.

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AT&T 3G Cellular Alarm Service Tear Down

AT&T and VERIZON Announces Tear Down of 3G Network

AT&T and VERIZON is one of the largest telecom companies operating worldwide.  AT&T has already phased out the 3G. VERIZON announced plans to completely phase out 3G networks by end of 2022 while they attempt to transition customers to 4G and ultimately 5G networks.

About 3 million cellular alarm system communicators currently use the 3G spectrum almost all are provided by AT&T and VERIZON.  

Don't wait get your home security system cellular communicator upgraded prior to the phase out.

Big announcement for many security alarm companies providing cellular alarm monitoring and cellular alarm system communicator manufacturers.  The three main spectrum’s used by AT&T AND VERIZON are 3G, 4G and 5G.  Security alarm companies began using the 3G cellular communicators in an effort to provide customers with a better options available. This was the security alarm industries first attempt to automate security alarm system with URL / Application on cellular network.  Many large corporate dealer programs and specifically ADT / Protection One / Avenger Security Group – CSG customers should look at other options for monitoring service, if outside agreement terms.

Not only will newer technology be utilized to protect homes features should be added to alarm systems over the next several years. The new automation Web/remote access has become and extremely popular and marketable product to home alarm system customers and cellular alarm monitoring has become the standard of excellence in home alarm monitoring.

The 3G networks are expected to be completely phased out no later than January of 2021.

The tear down “sunset” of AT&T AND VERIZON’s 3G network

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