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Avoid Magnetics | Access Control in Austin

When getting access control in Austin, avoid magnetic locks.

Avoid using magnetic locks when configuring access control on your facility in Austin. Magnetic locks leave your facility unlocked in event of power failure and are going by code required to be tied into your fire alarm system. Typically, magnetics on access control systems cannot have battery backup and are also required to be tied into fire alarm system. Thus, leaving the facility compromised in power failure or in event fire alarm system is tampered negligent into fire alarm.

It is very important not to change how the Austin fire department gains access to facility thru the Knox Box. The door you configure access control on should still function for the Fire Department with the key inside the Knox Box.

Avenger Security will recomend to use motors in bars, electrified handles and electic strikes to do access control lock configurations on doors. Thus allowing the key that is inside the Knox Box to work for the Fire Department in emergency situations.

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