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Brivo Cloud Based Access Control

Understanding Brivo's Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud Based Access Control by Brivo

Cloud Based Access Control Solutions in Austin, Texas.

Access control manages who has access to an area or facility with electric locks. Access control systems will restrict access to authorized users and also provide a logged record of who enters and leaves secured areas. The need for access control has never been more prevalent. The use of keys to enter, lock and unlock your facility is a pain. Track and account for who enters your facility all hours of the day with professional cloud based access control by Brivo.
Brivo access control solutions are cloud based and application mobile ready. Brivo cloud access control is easy to configure for administrators, plus very convenient for employees and tenants to use.

Brivo offers the most secure, convenient and highly customizable cloud based access control solution for the modern workplace. Users with privileged access can unlock and lock any door from anywhere. Record video surveillance feed of user entry in activity log with integrated video surveillance by Eagle Eye Networks.
With Brivo your team can effortlessly manage you access control system any time, from anywhere. Brivo cloud access control can ensure contractors and cleaning crews show up on time and leave as scheduled.

Brivo cloud based access control offers the best technology with the most cyber secure interface. Our team is also dedicated to understanding your needs to specify the right access control configuration for your facility and/or office space. The Brivo cloud access control interface is easy to managed with simple intuitive function and reliable real time updates.

Brivo Mobile Pass credentials are a must and highly recommended for any access control system. Brivo cloud access control also supports keycards and fobs from locally managed access control solutions. In addition, Brivo supports all readers and encrypted card or fob credentials. Brivo also supports dual credential requirements at the click of a button, securing your facility with dual credential requirements provides the most security protection, making users present a card in addition a 4 to 8 digit before gaining access to your facility.

Cybersecurity is most important when selecting security solutions for your business. Maintaining outed security solutions in house can be costly and time consuming for your IT department. Cloud base security solutions eliminate the need to update equipment and software. Managing cloud based access control saves time and money.

Cloud based access control makes it easy to change user access and setting from anywhere.

Cloud based access control offers a open API that is easy to integrate building entry with employee or membership databases. Cloud based access control is the best solution for property managers, gyms, shared office spaces, insurance companies, law offices and more.

Types of Credentials for Brivo cloud based access control

RFID key cards and fobs – Proximity Cards / Contactless Smart Cards / Mag Stripe Swipe Cards.

Key cards and fobs are cheaper and easier to manage than traditional metal keys. Key cards and fobs are easily lost, stolen, misplaced and not returned. Key cards and fobs that use Wiegand protocols are easy to copy.

Pin Code readers use a 4 to 8 digit code instead of physical credentials to grant access. The main problem with pin codes is that the are easily shared and can be viewed by others upon entry.

Biometrics readers use fingerprints, palm veins and retinas. Todays biometric readers tend to be faulty and create risk of creating hygiene issues.

Mobile Pass credentials let users use smartphone to gain access. Users can be provided with a digital button within application interface, holding phone up to a reader or by touching the reader with their hand with phone in close proximity. Types of mobile credentials include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular. Mobile Pass credentials are typically the most cost effective and are ideal for businesses that want smart office technology. Mobile Pass credentials are fully encrypted ensuring a higher level of security. Mobile Pass credentials also alleviate the need for readers.

Access control is ideal for Commercial Real Estate, Shared Offices, Retail, Multi-Tenant Housing, Education, Religious institutions, Healthcare, Government, Sporting, Entertainment, Data Centers, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Airports, Seaports, Transportation, Banking, Warehousing, Gaming and more.

Part 1: Unleashing the Power of Brivo's Cloud-Based Access Control

Brivo's Access Control system is a state-of-the-art security solution designed for any enterprise's needs. Operating on a cloud-based platform, it offers advanced accessibility, flexibility, and robust security measures that keep businesses safe and secured. Through the use of modern technologies, Brivo delivers real-time monitoring and control over your facilities, ensuring maximum security.

Part 2: Features and Benefits of Brivo's Access Control

Brivo's Access Control system comes packed with benefits. Its real-time alerts and monitoring capabilities ensure swift responses to security threats. The scalable and flexible nature of the platform allows it to adapt to a variety of business needs, providing effective security measures with convenience in its core. Lastly, being cloud-based, it offers easy access control management from any device, promoting efficiency and simplified operations.

Part 3: Securing the Future with Brivo's Access Control

In today's digital age, Brivo's Access Control is stepping forward as a future-ready solution, effectively combating security threats with its innovative features. Utilizing advanced cloud-based technology, Access Control is revolutionizing the way businesses secure their premises, paving the way for a secure future.

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