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Connecting Overhead Garage Doors to Home Security Alarm System

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Connecting Overhead Garage Doors to your Home Security Alarm System.

People often leave and enter while arming/disarming the home security system thru the overhead garage.

The overhead garage doors should be programmed with 120 second Entry Delay to avoid false alarms.

The zone should also be programmed to allow Force Bypass. This will allow you to arm the home security system with overhead door open. 

Also, highly recommend that home security keypad is mounted in the garage if connecting the overhead doors to security system.

The best way to do this with no existing wire to overhead, on the DSC neo home security system, is with a PG9945 and a Rail Mount Magnetic Switch.

Avoid using floor mount switch if you have rail on overhead door.

If you already have a security alarm system in home or business, Avenger Security would be able to reprogram your existing alarm system. Avenger Security has over 20 years experience with security alarm systems and specializes in reprogramming existing alarm systems with monitoring services offered.

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