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Home Security Advice by Avenger Security

Home Security Monitoring Service Advice

  • Make sure alarm company is reporting all alarm system events to Central Station; This should include: arm, disarm, all troubles and all alarms. Some discounted alarm system services only report alarms with no details of alarm. Avenger Security is a full reporting and recording alarm system company and we know how to program alarm systems to report and record all events.
  • Don't sign a long term contract to get security alarm system or monitoring service, the industry standard is 3 years. Other alarm monitoring contracts are 5 to 7 years in length. Avenger Security requires only 90 day notice to cancel home security service.
  • Don't agree to a Credit Check or give Social Security number to get home security alarm monitoring. This is often a sign that your information and monitoring service contract are going to be sold or traded off. Avenger Security wants to remain your security alarm system provider for life.
  • Make sure alarm system company, sales rep and installer are licensed and have identification. The Texas Department of Public Safety issues identification cards to all licensed individuals and companies. These can be verified thru Texas DPS.
  • Make sure security monitoring Central Station monitoring center is a "Five Diamond Certificate" rated company. The Central Station Alarm Association post what monitoring centers operate under strict standards and at no charge issues certificates.
  • Hard wire the alarm system as much as possible with control board hidden and out of site. Avenger Security recommends and uses hard wire professional security alarm panels.
  • Make sure your security system technician knows what he is doing and explains how to operate security system.
  • Know how to manually test your monitoring system for communication with central station. Test your alarm system periodically to make sure everything works.
  • Only use wireless equipment or devices as a last resort.
  • Make sure all living in home of age are involved in process of getting monitoring service. Keep it simple A. Know who to call B. Know your account number C. Know your abort code
  • Check with local municipality to see if alarm permit is required. Avenger Security will give notice of proper permit if required upon activation. If you have a home security burglar alarm system already in your home, more than likely the alarm system will work fine and can be reprogrammed to work with any alarm system monitoring center.Home Security Advice
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