Pre Construction Wiring by Avenger Security

Low Voltage security pre wire
If you are in the process of building a home. It is best to have home prewired to fit your needs during construction, prior to sheetrock. Security devices should be wired into home as much as possible. Having hardwire devices in your home is way more reliable than using wireless. This will also allow you to hide TV boxes, modems, network switches, devices hidden and out of sight.

Recommend Wire for Current and Future Technology

  • TV locations - Cat5, Cat6, RG6. This will give you any option on where you would like to place your cable boxes. Connect the Cat5e to the TV. Use a Cat6 to hide and send HDMI with IR signals on a HDMI video balun. RG6 would be used if cable box is need to be put at TV location.
  • Computer & Gaming locations - Cat5, 2 Cat6 Gives you the ability to connect your computer directly your network switch. and or another GIG switch for hidden placement Router or to transfer data to anywhere in the home, like a TV, game console, switch, SONOS.
  • WiFi Router Location - 2xCat6 - If you are planning for dedicated placement of WiFi Router Locations,
  • Service Line To Outside Box - Cat5, 2 Cat6, 2 RG6
  • Alarm System Keypads & Devices - 22/4
  • Attic/s Locations - Cat5, Cat6, 2x22/4
  • Speaker locations - 16/2 or 18/2
  • Extra Wire in Attic locations - 
  • Murphy Tube Upper and Lower Jacks at TV Locations