Access Control Cost & What Are My Options?


Upfront cost of access control depends on the type of equipment and installation. Our team typically charges $1,500.00 to $2,300.00 upfront for the equipment and installation of access control. Avenger Security provides Full Service cloud application managed access control solutions for $10.00 to $15.00 per door per month

Typical access control installation includes Door Controller, AC/DC Power Supply ,Transformer, Back Up Battery, Reader, REX & Door Sensor. Access control configuration requires onsite quote.

Recommend at least one door on the facility be a dual credential reader. This will allow access to facility with a card or a 8 digit code on pin pad reader. Would use a stainless steel weather proof epoxy coated dual credential reader on outside of facility. This reader will allow people from getting locked out if they loose or forget credentials. The dual credential readers make access control configuration less problematic! 

You will also be able to use your phone with Application or a computer to unlock door. The computer desktop and phone application will allow you to create groups, users and schedules for facility. Each group of users will be assigned a schedule and available doors. Each user will be assigned to a specific Group. At option the door can be set to: unlock on schedule/s. All information about what user/s entered what door/s is stored and easy to find.

Installing a dual credential readers at door will allow user to present either a RF token and/or up to 8 digit code. The door controller can be programmed to require the card, code or both. Government and Government contractors are typically required to install dual credential readers on sensitive facilities.  Recommend owners & directors be issued 6 to 8 digit codes. Any additional users should be required to use both token and code.

Outside Vandal Proof Dual Credential Reader/s - Recommend if you are only installing one door on facility with access control, will recommend a dual credential reader. This will allow you to enter up Pin Code ( Up to 8 digits) or present a RF token. This will allow admin to configure Card & Pin Code required, just card or just pin code. 

The way to configure electric locks will depends on the door.

The Electric Motorized Crash Bar are typically configured for commercial aluminum entry doors that have existing crash bars.  Motors can be ordered to fit into almost all crash bar model/s. Installing motors in crash bars will require Door Chord. This is going to be a more expensive option but will provide very clean and professional look. 

Electric Rim Strike, if the door has a crash bar. A Rim Strike would mount on the frame of the door. No cutting of the door is typically required. This is typically the easiest and quickest way to configure a electric lock on a door with existing crash bar. This is typically not used on commercial aluminum entry doors with crash bars. This is typically used on steel & wood frame commercial style doors with crash or push bars.

Electric Strike is cut into the frame of the door and will be recommend if the door has dead bolt or dead latch. Will require interior push paddle or crash bar to release lock. Typically only found on aluminum commercial style doors. Our team will use a jig and router to cut electric strike on door. Best to line frame of door with painters tape use Jig, High Speed Router with aluminum bit and cutting paste.

Electric Handles are used if the door can be cored out from the hinge. This will require drilling thru the center of the door with long bit. Requires the use of special wired door hinge, made specifically for purpose. Typically replace the middle door hinge and drill thru the center of the door with a 14" by 36" drill bit.

Highly recommend to avoid using magnetic locks for access control configuration. If you are using electric locks, must configure to release magnetics on main power failure and upon fire alarm. If someone wants to leave facility, nothing should stop them from doing so. REX and Release Button. REX and Release Button should be directly connected to the lock. This also will leave doors of facility unlocked power failure. AHJ will prohibited battery back up on magnetic locks configurations.  Several problems with using magnetic locks. Always best to avoid using magnetic locks in access control configurations.

The REX is also known as a Request to Exit. The REX is used to track forced entry. When people leave facility at door, the REX lets the door control know. As long as the REX is sending in activity before the door is opened, all is good. If the door is opened and the REX did not send signal, the door control will log this a forced entry and send notification to admin dispatch emergency services if requested. The REX can be adjusted for pattern and trigger times to release lock directly. This also requires a door sensor to be wired and installed.

The door sensor should be hardwired into the frame of the door. The door sensor wires directly to the door control. The control monitors the door sensor and will send facility management and administration notification of door prop, door left open situations.

The access control system should automatically disarm the building burglar alarm system when a valid credential is presented to unlock the door.