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How to become a partner & what is required?

Becoming a partner with Avenger Security is easy. Our company is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Division. Our company is also licensed and regulated by Texas Department of Insurance for residential and commercial fire alarm systems. Avenger Security must keep file on all persons that work.

Required Information for Association Includes.

  • Full Name/s, address, cellular phone, email, bank account information.
  • Any Work History for the past 10 Years.
  • No Felony Agreement Consent - Our organization is prohibited or allowed associate
  • No Criminal Activity Agreement Consent- Class A offense or greater also prohibits association
  • Head Shot Profile Pictures (Front/R Side/L Side) 
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of current Drivers License. Will also need to know driving accident history if any over the last 5 years.
  • Drug Testing Consent Form
  • FBI background check will be done by Avenger Security
  • Eye & Skin Color
  • Height & Weight
  • Race/ Nationality
  • Finger Prints Consent required for FBI check

Tools & Equipment Needed

  • Small Laptop 
  • Desktop,
  • Lazer Jet Printer
  • Cable Strippers,
  • Diagonal Pliers,
  • Cat5&6 Network Crimpers,
  • Heavy Duty Sheers,
  • Small Sheetrock Saw,
  • Small Electric Drill,
  • Large Electric Drill,
  • Phillips Screw Drivers Large & Small
  • Flat Head Drivers Large & Small
  • Good Volt Meter recommend Klien
  • Continuity Meter & Tone Generator
  • Network Connection Tester - recommend one with tone generator
  • Assortment of Specialty Security Bits
  • Assortment of Drill Bits, Step Bits, Long Bits, Paddle Bits
  • Fishing Wire Tools & Equipment Grabzit and Glow Rods
  • SDS Dill and SDS bits
  • High Speed Router, Electric Strike JIG if needed
  • Tool Bag, Parts Boxes
  • 4 Foot Folding Ladder
  • 8 Foot Folding Ladder
  • 20 Foot Extension Ladder
  • Professional Work Truck or Van
  • Assortment of Screws - self tapping metal, concrete, wood, sheetrock,
  • Assortment of Wire ties, B connectors, wire connectors, 
  • Assortment of Tape - Painters Tape, Electrical Tape, Heavy Duty Double Sided
  • Wire 22/6, 22/4, 22/2, Cat5, Cat6, 18/2 and connectors

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