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Pet/s & Home Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Ensuring Your Pet's and Home's Safety with Optimal Security Alarms

Motion detectors and pet/s when getting home security system monitoring service.

Motions are only ON when the system is armed to AWAY mode. When the system is armed to STAY, the motions are bypassed.

When properly mounted motions are pet immune. Motions are not pets immune. Multiple pets will not work with motion detector/s and are not recommended.

If you have more than one pet, under 85lbs, using the standard pet immune "DSC PowerG Motion" it is OK to use motion detectors to protect property. Most motions have a standard 55lbs pet immunity.

One should not have to worry about false alarms having one pet, under the rating listed for motion detector. It is always best to test the motion detectors with pet. Please test for proper function after installation.

It is also important not to place anything that your pet can climb within 8 feet of the motion detector.

Test by arming system to AWAY mode. Make sure your account is on test with Central Station. With yourself out of view, convince your dog to travel in front of motion with treat or toy.

Avenger Security provides full service home security monitoring in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. 

If you already have a security alarm system in home or business, Avenger Security would be able to reprogram your existing alarm system. Avenger Security has over 20 years experience with security alarm systems and specializes in reprogramming existing alarm systems with monitoring services offered.


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