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Video Surveillance Service

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Our team provides full-service video surveillance service to Austin and surrounding areas. Currently offering the cloud bridge machine for $500.00. Our team will configure video cameras to machine with standard installation for $250.00. The cloud video machine has a lifetime warranty replacement with service. Video surveillance cameras have a 5 year replacement and workmanship warranty.

The fee for video service depends on the retention and resolution settings of each video surveillance cameras. Each camera will be independently configured for retention and resolution. Service starts at $10.00 per month per camera HD1 with 7 days retention. 14 days HD1 - $13.00 per month per camera. 30 days HD1 $16.00 / storage options available to 5 years.

Standard video surveillance camera is 2.8mm 4MP WDR IP POE Turret Style with Microphone.

 Commercial video surveillance machine & POE installation.


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