Collection: Eagle Eye Networks Video Service Rates

Eagle Eye Networks Video Service Rates start at $5.00 per month per camera.

This will give cloud preview only, requires the bridge CMVR to record full resolution video on premise. For full cloud storage each video surveillance camera is independently configured for retention and resolution. HD1 to HD15 - Starting Service Fees, 7 day HD1 $10.00 monthly , 14 day HD1 $13.00 monthly, 30 day HD1 $16.00 monthly, 60 day, 90 day, 180 day, 1 year, 2 year, up to 5 years if need be. Eagle Eye Networks video service includes support to the cameras.The Eagle Eye Networks video bridge enable you to receive and analyze video from your cameras. In addition, The video bridge will also provide on-premise buffering for bandwidth management and encrypted transmission to the cloud. Service Agreement is required for Eagle Eye Network video services.

Eagle Eye Networks is next generation professional cloud video surveillance security camera service in Austin, Texas. Avenger Security provides professional cloud video surveillance camera solutions that outperform DVR and NVR camera equipment applications. Professional cloud video surveillance that has the critical storage redundancies that are needed.