DSC PowerSeries neo on Alarm.com

The DSC PowerSeries neo PowerG HS2032 | 2064 | 2128 on the dual path cellular interactive Alarm.com TL880 is the leading security solution for advanced feature function and wireless device range. The wireless PowerG has a remarkable function range. Connecting devices 400m from the controller thru obstructions, no problem. 

The DSC PowerSeries neo HS2032 | HS2064 | HS2128 can manage 32, 64 or 128 hardwired or wireless zones. Depending on the size of system the HS2032 DSC PowerSeries neo controller can manage up to 32 hardwire or wireless zones. The HS2064 can manage up to 64 hardwire or wireless zones and the HS2128 can manage up to 128 hardwire or wireless PowerG wireless devices sesors. 

As you move up in model you also get more feature, function, outputs, partititons, users, event buffer, keypad support.

When building the sytsem you only need one transceiver keypad. The transceiver is either sold seperately or is sold inside the keypad.

Avenger Security recommends to buy a aplha full english transciever kepad with the neo. 

Programming Installation Manual