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SDC Security Door Controls ElectraTM Pro 7200 Series Electrified Cylindrical Locksets

SDC Security Door Controls ElectraTM Pro 7200 Series Electrified Cylindrical Locksets

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SDC Security Door Controls ElectraTM Pro 7200 Series Electrified Cylindrical Locksets

Electra™ Pro Electrified Cylindrical Locksets are designed for the access control of openings in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation and resistance to physical abuse is required.

Electra™ locksets provide both the locking and latching features required for fire rated doors to meet security needs and fire life safety code requirements. Whether failsafe or failsecure, controlled access and remote control capability is provided while the door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity.

  • Latch Status Output Standard with All Locksets
  • Optional Internal REX Available in Lieu of Latch Status
  • Dual Voltage 12 and 24VDC
  • Choice of Failsafe or Failsecure Operating Mode
  • Clutch Allows The Lever to Operate While The Door Stays Locked for Increased Vandal and Abuse Resistance
  • Independent Power Return Springs for Effective Lever Action and Prevention of Lever Sag
  • SDC Cylinder with ‘C’ Keyway
  • Small Format Interchangeable Core (Optional)
  • No Exposed Mounting Screws
  • Strikes Available to Match Existing Frame Preparation
  • Choice of Seven Architectural Finishes
  • Exceeds ANSI A156-2 Grade 1 Specifications
  • SDC Lever Handle Styles Comply with ADA Easy Access Requirements and CSFM, California State Fire Marshal, Title 19
  • May Be Used in New or Retrofit Construction
  • Building and Fire Life Safety Code Compliance
  • Ideal for High Usage Environments
  • Retrofits Existing Mechanical Lock Prep

BUILDING AND FIRE LIFE SAFETY CODE COMPLIANT Electra™ Pro electrified cylindrical locks ensure that the door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity. Electra™ Pro locksets comply with all national building and fire life safety code requirements for use on fire rated doors, including high-rise stairwell and elevator lobby doors where the use of electric strikes and magnetic locks is prohibited.

SECURITY WITH SUPERIOR AESTHETICS Available in failsafe and failsecure modes to accommodate either security or fire life safety applications, Electra™ Pro Z7200 electrified locksets provide a superior appearance compared to exposed and vulnerable electric strikes and magnetic locks, while eliminating the need for request-to exit devices.


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