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2GIG GC2e Security & Control Panel eSeries

2GIG GC2e Security & Control Panel eSeries

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2GIG GC2e Security & Control Panel eSeries Enhanced Security by NORTEK

  • 5" Captive Touch Screen | Larger, more responsive screen enhances the user experience.
  • Easy Upgrades | Support for traditional 2GIG and other legacy 345 sensors makes system upgrades easy.
  • eSeries Sensors | New eSensors encrypted sensors provide enhanced security while reducing the risk of takeovers.
  • Front Speaker | Front speaker delivers exceptional audio performance.
  • Two-Way Voice | Best-in-class voice quality provides worry free communication with monitoring services, police/fire.

SPECIFICICATIONS New 5 Inch Touch Screen | 64 Wireless Zones | 1 Hardwire Zone | 8 Wireless Key Fobs | 4 Wireless Pads | Built in Z-Wave Plus Radio | Full Voice Response | Remote Over-the-Air Downloading | 64 User Codes | Central Station Format - Contact ID | Dimensions: 8.5 Inches Wide - 6 Inch Height - 2 Inch Width

ELECTRICAL Voltage Input 14VDC at 1.7 Amps Max | AC Adapter Included 100 -240 VAC - 50/60 Hz at 68 mA Max | 1600 mAH Rechargeable Backup Battery Included | 85 Decible Sounder

The 2GIG GC2e Security & Control Panel eSeries, an enhanced security solution by NORTEK with a 5" Captive Touch Screen. The larger and more responsive screen enhances the user experience, providing a seamless and efficient control interface. This security panel also offers easy upgrades, with support for traditional 2G technology.

With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, you can feel confident that your home or business is protected to the highest standard. Invest in peace of mind with the advanced security features of NORTEK's GC2e Security & Control Panel eSeries. Order now to experience enhanced control and protection today!

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