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2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC2 4G LTE USA Verizon Network Cellular Card

Made for the 2GIG GC2 Panels Requires Firmware Version 1.19 or newer

This card fits inside the GC2 panel to give 4GLTE cellular interactive services.

4G LTE cellular telephone module | Works on Verizon Network | USA Only | Compatible with | Includes 2 LTE antennas

2GIG From NORTEK Security & Control

The perfect cellular interactive services card designed exclusively for the 2GIG GC2 Panels with Firmware Version 1.19 or newer. This card is specifically tailored to fit inside your GC2 panel, providing seamless connectivity to your cellular network and ensuring that you stay connected at all times. With you can enjoy blazing-fast 4GLTE connectivity, allowing you to access interactive services on-the-go with ease. Whether it's remote control of your home automation system or monitoring and controlling security settings, this card enables you to stay connected and in control from virtually anywhere. The 2GIG LTEV1 is incredibly easy to install - simply insert it into the designated slot in your GC2 panel, activate it via a service provider of your choice and voila! You're all set. In conclusion, if seamless cellular connectivity on-the-go is what you're after - then look no further than 2GIG and alarmdotcom .  A must-have for any homeowner looking for reliability and convenience from their home security system.

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