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2GIG-SMKT8-345 Wireless Smoke | Heat Detector

2GIG-SMKT8-345 Wireless Smoke | Heat Detector

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 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Wireless Smoke | Heat Detector

  • Designed to provide fewer nuisance alarms from cooking
  • Designed for today's homes containing more synthetic materials
  • Optical smoke detection chamber
  • Automatic bi-directional draft compensation provides more accurate smoke triggers
  • UL268 7th Edition compliant

By NORTEK for the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG Edge Home Security Alarm Panels

the 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Wireless Smoke | Heat Detector, a smart and reliable device designed to provide maximum fire protection for your home. This detector is designed to detect both smoke and heat, ensuring that you are alerted in case of a fire emergency. This detector is specifically engineered to reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms caused by cooking. With its advanced technology, you can now cook without having to worry about setting off false alarms.

The 2GIG-SMKT8-345 Wireless Smoke | Heat Detector is designed for today's modern homes. Its sleek and stylish design ensures that it fits seamlessly into any home décor without looking out of place. Experience complete peace of mind with this advanced smoke and heat detector by your side. Order now and enjoy the ultimate protection that it provides!

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