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2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch Takeover Module

2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch Takeover Module

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2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch Takeover Module

This module is used to take over hardwire systems with GC2 and 2GIG edge security panels.

  • Converts hardwire zones to wirelss frequency
  • Converts 8 zones per module
  • Integrates with 12-Volt panels
  • Easily connects to existing control panel's battery
  • Provides power backup through existing hardwire panel
The 2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch, a powerful device that can convert hardwire zones to wireless frequency and integrate with 12-Volt panels. With its ability to convert up to 8 zones per module, this switch is a game-changer for those looking for an easy and efficient way of upgrading their control panel. One of the significant advantages of this super switch is its ability to easily connect with existing control panel batteries. This feature proves useful in ensuring a seamless integration process without having to incur additional costs on battery purchase.

The 2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch provides power output support, allowing it to provide power even when the control panel is offline. This feature ensures that your home or business remains secure at all times without any interruptions due to power outages. In conclusion, if you're looking for an efficient way of converting hardwire zones into wireless frequency while also integrating with your existing panels quickly - then look no further than the 2GIG-TAKE-345 MHz Super Switch!

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