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1 of 1 PowerSeries 4GLTE Dual Path ADC-SEM 210 Verizon PowerSeries 4GLTE Dual Path ADC-SEM 210 Verizon

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PowerSeries LTE SEM Module ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ

  • Adds support of services to PowerSeries control panels v4.2 and higher
  • Communicates using LTE technology on the Verizon network
  • Signal strength and trouble display
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Over-the-air upgrades
  • Easy Remote Programming with AirFX
  • Remote monitoring and control via web/mobile
  • Compatible with PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 V4.2 and higher
The PowerSeries LTE SEM Module ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ – the ultimate dual-path alarm system communicator that offers unmatched control and connectivity from anywhere in the world. With this cutting-edge communicator, you have complete control over your alarm system, allowing you to stay secure and relaxed from anywhere. The PowerSeries LTE SEM Module ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ is designed to provide unparalleled communication between your security system and other devices. With its advanced technology, this module offers secure path communication using an LTE network or Ethernet connection. You will never have to worry about losing connection or experiencing interruptions with this revolutionary dual-path communicator. The PowerSeries LTE SEM Module ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ is truly versatile, providing a reliable connection for both residential and commercial security systems. Stay connected with real-time alerts through email or text notifications. The user-friendly interface allows for easy programming of multiple events that alert you in case of any unexpected activity on your property. In conclusion, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line device that provides enhanced security through reliable connectivity features without any interruptions – then look no further than the PowerSeries LTE SEM Module ADC-SEM210 PS-VZ!


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Security alarm Monitoring

Avenger Security reprograms old non-working security alarm systems and systems with other service providers at no cost. Basic equipment sold at cost.  No upfront cost for standard installation. No charge for site visit or quotes. Avenger Security does not have a long term agreement for security alarm monitoring services.

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