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Alarm System Transformer Standard 16 Volts AC 40VA, UL Approved Plug In

Alarm System Transformer Standard 16 Volts AC 40VA, UL Approved Plug In

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Alarm Sytem Transformer Standard 16 Volts AC 40VA,

UL Approved Plug In | Energy Efficiency Plug-in Transformer, 16V 40VA, UL approved. Standard Transformer used to support Alarm System Controllers, Burglar Alarm Systems, Access Control. 

Typically used to power the DSC Power Series, DSC neo, Honeywell , Vista ,Safewatch, GE alarm systems. Can also be used to power Altronix SMP3 for 12Volt applciations.

Standard Alarm System Transformer, a reliable and efficient solution for your home security needs. This UL-approved plug-in transformer is a standard 16 volts AC 40VA model that can support your system controllers and burglar alarms with ease. Designed for energy efficiency, this plug-in transformer comes with a powerful 16V output that ensures smooth performance throughout the day. Its UL-approved design guarantees safe usage while also optimizing energy consumption. This Transformer Standard Alarm System is easy to install and use. Simply plug it in, connect it to your system controller or burglar alarm, and enjoy reliable performance without any hassle. Investing in this transformer can offer you peace of mind knowing that you have an efficient alarm system in place to protect your home or property. Get yours today!


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Security alarm Monitoring

Avenger Security reprograms old non-working security alarm systems and systems with other service providers at no cost. Basic equipment sold at cost.  No upfront cost for standard installation. No charge for site visit or quotes. Avenger Security does not have a long term agreement for security alarm monitoring services.

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Commercial Fire Alarm

Avenger Security will provide a free dual path supervised fire communication device with services offered. Avenger Security can monitor and TAG commercial fire alarm systems to meet code. Avenger Security provides commercial fire alarm systems with monitoring services in Texas.

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Access Control Service

Lock and unlock your entire facility based on schedule or business hours. Make sure areas of your facility are only accessed by people with proper credentials in a simple to use cloud based access control application programming interface. Track and account for employees and visitors as they enter your facility all hours of the day.

Security Camera Service

Viewing your cloud video surveillance security camera system thru application and or URL is simple and much more efficient than a NVR or DVR. Avenger Security has made next generation cloud video surveillance security camera service most reasonable, affordable and professional.