Alula BAT - Dual Path Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator IP/Cellular

fire alarm communicator

Discount on product can be applied with service. Please contact Avenger Security for more information. Requires UL listed 24 hour supervised monitoring services with Avenger Security, Fulll Service starts at $75.00 monthly. DIY service starts at $50.00. 

Please call and talk with Brandon Adams if interested, 512-610-2698

For System Integrators who want a versatile fire communicator, the universal BAT-Fire is equipped with dual Tip & Ring Dial Capture and four programmable inputs/outputs with dual path IP and LTE-M cellular technology, which allows system integrators to save money, maximize install flexibility and skip the 4G cellular sunset.

Verizon and AT&T modules available

Why Choose BAT-Fire?

Reduce configuration time - Near-universal compatibility with FACPs with dialer-capture and point-capture.

Increase RMR - Monitor multiple auxiliary building system functions with four programmable inputs and outputs.

Minimize install complexity - Operate at either 12V or 24V and use minimal current to ensure your backup power requirements can be met.

Simplify your day - One communicator that works with all panels that use either dialer-capture or point-capture.

Meet local regulations - Can be configured to comply with any of the most recent UL & NFPA guidelines.

Maximize flexibility - Sole path cellular, IP, or dual-path communications.

Save money - Eliminate the inevitable LTE/4G sunset by installing a fire communicator that’s 5G-ready.

Reduce service hassles - Remote programming, troubleshooting and managed over-the-air firmware upgrades.

  • Supports 12V and 24V FACPS
  • Sole path IP and dual path cellular communications
  • Alarm capture via phone line interface or standard alarm outputs
  • CAT-M1 cellular is 5G-ready
  • Supports Contact ID reporting format
  • Trouble event detection and reporting
  • Four programmable input/output points
  • At-a-glance system status via front panel LEDs
  • Certifications: UL864 10th Edition, ULC-S559, UL1610, ULC-S304

Product Specs:

Physical Housing Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.8 x 2.2 in

Weight: 13.2 oz (372.9 g)

Cover Securing Screw #6 screw (included)

Mounting Fasteners: #6 screws and wall anchors (included)

Antenna External (included)

Reported Indications Cover Tamper, Inputs/Outputs, Inputs, PGM1, PGM2, PGM3, PGM4, Input Ratings, 4.7k pullup to 12VDC or 24VDC

Outputs, PGM1, PGM2, PGM3, PGM4, Phone 1,Phone 2

Output Ratings, Open collector outputs, Shunt up to 75mA into ground


BAT-Fire, Verizon™

BAT-Fire, AT&T ™

Environmental Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 48.9°C)

Maximum Humidity - 93% non-condensing relative humidity

Electrical Power Supply Options - FACP Regulated Supply or UL1481 Listed Power Supply such as Altronix AL300

Current Draw

154mA (Standby) 207mA (Max) @12VDC

109mA (Standby) 161mA (Max) @24VDC

Input Voltage 10V-28VDC

24hr Battery Backup Requirements

12VDC requires 3.7Ahr

24VDC requires 2.62Ahr

Central Station Receivers Bosch Conettix: D6600, ITS-D6686-UL, D6100IPv6

Regulatory Certification Listings: UL 864 10th Edition, ULC-S559, UL 1610, ULC-S304

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Alula BAT - Dual Path Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator IP/Cellular - Best Home Security Systems | Fire alarm & Burglar Alarms system Austin - Avenger Security
Alula BAT - Dual Path Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator IP/Cellular