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Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks 301 | Cloud Video Bridge Rack Mounted Machine

Eagle Eye Networks 301 | Cloud Video Bridge Rack Mounted Machine

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Eagle Eye Networks 301 Features,Advanced Cloud Connectivity,High Performance and Versatility

Eagle Eye Networks Bridge is a on-premise video surveillance machine to connect up 20 IP cameras to Eagle Eye cloud data centers. The 301 cloud video machine has a onsite lifetime replacement warranty with services offered by Avenger Security.

Please make contact with Avenger Security prior to purchase at 512-610-2698. Sold at discount with video surveillance services offered.

Each video surveillance camera is independently configured for retention and resolution.  HD1 to HD15 - Starting Service Fees, 7 day HD1 $10.00 monthly , 14 day HD1 $13.00 monthly, 30 day HD1 $16.00 monthly, 60 day, 90 day, 180 day, 1 year, 2 year,  up to 5 years if need be. Video service includes support to the cameras

Eagle Eye’s comprehensive program for hardware warranty and upgrades. • Extends warranty up to 20 years • 24/7 priority support via phone, email, and web • Overnight cross shipping of warranty replacement if needed • Full equipment upgrade every 6 years upon request

The fully functional iOS and Android applications provide complete access to live and recorded video and can also be used to install, configure and manage the system. Eagle Eye Networks provides a cloud based, video management system. The Eagle Eye Bridge is installed on site, connects to your cameras, records video locally, and then securely synchronizes both video and metadata to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data center.

The Eagle Eye Networks 301 is an innovative surveillance solution that leverages advanced cloud technology for extensive monitoring and security. This surveillance machine provides exceptional performance and versatility, making it suitable for various applications, including retail, hospitality, commercial premises, and residential properties. Its cloud video bridge capabilities offer secure, encrypted, and reliable streaming from any location. 

The Eagle Eye Bridge acts as a gateway from your premises to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center where your video is stored and managed by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It provides video buffering, a secure connection, bandwidth management, and monitoring of cameras. These 1U rack-based bridges are designed to fit in standard equipment rack. The rack mount bridges are offered in a range of sizes to support larger number of cameras. Versions are available with analog camera interfaces to allow direct connection of existing NTSC and PAL cameras. Versions are also available with integrated POE ports for direct connection of IP cameras.

Automatic network configuration • Secure camera network (dual network ports) • No inbound connections needed • Packet loss detection/reporting • Network disconnected alerts

With Eagle Eye Complete Privacy EncryptionTM, video is fully encrypted during transmission and at rest. The Eagle Eye Bridge has no open ports to the Internet, eliminating security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems and requiring no router or firewall adjustments.

Remote management • Automatic camera discovery • Automatic camera configuration • Advanced motion detection • Local video buffering • Configuration synced to Cloud • Camera trouble alerts • Internet outage alerts • Fully cloud managed

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