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resideo Honeywell

resideo AC Transformer 1321 | 120 VAC to 16.5 VAC 25VA

resideo AC Transformer 1321 | 120 VAC to 16.5 VAC 25VA

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resideo AC Transformer 120 VAC to 16.5 VAC 25VA Model 1321-1

Standard security alarm system AC transformer.

UL Listed standard alarm system AC transformer Plug In Class 2 by resideo.

Looking for a reliable and efficient AC transformer for your standard security alarm system. Look no further than the resideo AC Transformer, Model 1321-1. This transformer provides a stable 16.5 VAC output from a 120 VAC input, with a maximum power capacity of 25VA. Designed with security in mind, this AC transformer provides dependable power to keep your alarm system functioning properly. Its standard size and compatibility make it an ideal choice for both new installations and replacements. Investing in the resideo AC Transformer means investing in peace of mind knowing that your alarm system will have the necessary power to keep you secure. So don't hesitate - add this reliable transformer to your setup today!

120VAC 60Hz 0.30Amps | 16.5VAC 25VA

ETL-AA0252-W165152 P/N1321-1

UL Listed 3LJS E310452

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