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System Sensor

System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke Detector with Thermal, Sounder & Relay

System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke Detector with Thermal, Sounder & Relay

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System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke Detector with Thermal, Sounder & Relay

i³™ Series Smoke Detector with Isolated Thermal Detection Sensor, a Sounder & a Relay

i³™ Series smoke detectors with isolated thermal sensors, sounders, and relays apply the guiding principles of installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection.

The System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke Detector, the perfect addition to any safety system. This advanced detector is from the i³ series and is equipped with an Isolated Thermal Detection Sensor, a Sounder, and a Relay. The detector's Isolated Thermal Detection Sensor ensures that it accurately detects any potential smoke or fire hazards. The Sounder alerts occupants in case of an emergency situation while the Relay provides an automatic response to fire alarm panels. This Smoke Detector's advanced features ensure that it delivers reliable and efficient performance, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings. The System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke Detector guarantees round-the-clock safety with its high-quality construction designed for long-lasting durability. Invest in your safety with this cutting-edge smoke detector from System Sensor today!

Throughout the i³ Series, installation is simple with its installer-friendly base and plug-in design. The base accommodates a broad range of back box and direct mounting options and provides ample space for pre-wiring the device. To complete the installation, the i³ detectors plug into its base with a simple Stop-Drop ’N Lock action.
To reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms, all i³ detectors are equipped with both drift compensation and smoothing algorithms. These capabilities minimize both short- and long-term causes of nuisance alarms, such as RF interference and dust accumulation.

When connected to the 2W-MOD2 loop test/maintenance module or an i3 Ready™ panel, 2‑wire i3 detectors can generate a remote maintenance signal when in a maintenance or freeze trouble condition. To measure the sensitivity of any i³ detector, the SENS-RDR displays the reading, in terms of percent-per-foot obscuration, within seconds.

i³ detectors have red and green LEDs to simplify local status indication during power-up, standby, alarm, maintenance, and freeze trouble conditions. If connected to the RRS-MOD reversing relay/synchronization module, all i³ sounders on the loop will activate when one detector is in alarm. The RRS-MOD also synchronizes i³ sounder output to ensure a clear audible signal.

Should the application call for differentiating between a local and a general alarm, the isolated thermal model initiates a local alarm when smoke is detected and a general alarm when the thermal sensor is activated.Features & Benefits:

  • 85 dB sounder
  • Form C relay
  • Isolated thermal sensor
  • Plug-in design (base included)
  • In-line terminals
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Stop-Drop ’N Lock™ attachment to the base
  • Removable cover and chamber
  • Remote maintenance signaling
  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms
  • Simplified sensitivity measurement
  • Dual-color LEDs


  • UL Listed S911
  • FM Approved 3015195
  • CSFM Listing 7272-1653:164
  • MEA Approved 372-02-E
  • MSFM Approved 2133
  • ETL Listed 3180932
  • C2WTA-BA: ULC Listed
  • C2WTR-BA: ULC Listed
  • C4WT-BA: ULC Listed
  • C4WTA-BA: ULC Listed
  • C4WTR-BA: ULC Listed
  • C4WTAR-BA: ULC Listed
  • C4WITAR-BA: ULC Listed
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